Brandon Sharp

I’m a 33 year old single father of a wonderful 8 year old son, professional networker and have spent most my life as an entrepreneur. About 3 months prior to finding the Qivana METABOLIQ program, I was working grueling 14 hour days in the time share industry.

Being on the road, I often didn't take the time to eat healthy. On top of this, I was having nerve pain in my right shoulder. It became so painful that I found myself taking Ibuprofen ever day to ease the pain.

I decided it was time to search for something to assist me in turning my health around. In February 2010 I was introduced to Qivana and the METABOLIQ System from my brother, Cameron. I listened and researched the company website, and said "this is exactly what i am looking for!" A program that handles eating in a simple, managed, non-hungry approach.

I made the commitment that day that I was going to give myself a 90-day challenge—use the products and start an exercise routine to speed it up. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired...plain and simple.

My 90-day challenge began Feb 16, 2010. After 90 days of staying committed and doing what I set to do, I found it had become a habit to manage my meals and exercise regularly.

I lost 23 lbs on the METABOLIQ program and my nerve pain was gone by day 90. I left time shares and started to follow my passions. I feel good about myself and have more confidence. Thank you Cameron for the introduction to Qivana!

Brad Hollett

I started the Qivana program in March of 2010. I was 260 lbs, had high blood pressure and severe acid reflux. By the end of June 2010 I was down to 198 lbs and my two health conditions had gone away. I am not working out, but I do dance about 3 hours a week. I have managed to maintain my weight ever since, and all my friends always ask how I lost so much weight so quickly. I tell them my story and they start the program too.

Steve Deer

My Qivana experience has been FANTASTIC! As indicated by my photos, Qivana has made an incredible lifestyle improvement for myself and my wife Missy!

I was introduced to Qivana by my family physician, Dr. Richard Mays and it has been the best "prescription" he could have ever given me! Since I started taking the Qivana products in May, I have lost 52 lbs! My waist size has shrunk 5 1/2 inches and I have gone from 2X and 3X shirts down to X-Large! My ability to focus and concentrate has improved and I have tremendously more energy! I feel like my youth has been renewed! It is also great to hear all the complements in regard to our weight loss and to able to share the Qivana story!

I truly was concerned, as my father passed away at a young age due to heart disease! I am 45 years old and have tried numerous programs, plans and diets and nothing even starts to compare with the results I have experienced through Qivana!

Barb Messimer

How can I begin to tell you how I've been transformed from a caterpillar in her chrysalis into the spectacular butterfly I am today? I once thought I'd never emerge to spread my wings and glide on a summer breeze, but I have now, and I'm enjoying every beautiful ray of sunshine! You see, I was stuck inside a body that was getting sicker every day. As a RN Case Manager in Disease Management, I was helping my patients with their diseases but wasn't managing my own very well!

I ate the wrong foods and way too much and often ate late at night. As a result, I began putting on weight, a lot of it! I was aware I was putting on weight but felt helpless to do anything about it. I had been on many diets in my younger years and was never able to lose much weight or keep it off, so I never wanted to diet again. I began accepting my weight. After all, I was 63. My metabolism had slowed down, and I hated to exercise, so I knew I wasn't doing anything to improve it.

All of the dreams of my younger years were gone, and life had become a matter of surviving and just making it from day-to-day. My motto was "Whatever It Takes" and that "whatever" often meant food. Food made me happy and was my reward for working so hard.

I was drained of energy and tired all the time, and when I wasn't at work, I was home lying around resting, trying to recuperate enough to face another day. Truth be known, I was having a hard time holding down a full time job and had called in sick more times than I would have liked.

I couldn't keep up with my housework either which was very upsetting to me. When I was younger, I took pride in having a neat, clean, well decorated home, but now the place was such a mess, that I wouldn't even allow my best friend to come over.

Where once I had taken great pride in my appearance, I now didn't care, for it seemed no matter how I fixed my hair or what I wore, I still didn't look good, but I felt even worse! Needless to say, I was depressed.

My life would have continued this way, only progressively getting worse, if it hadn't been for a Qivana IBO who took the time to tell me about the METABOLIQ Lifestyle Program. He explained to me that the program was scientifically based and was the result of over 30 years of research by Dr. Donald Layman at the University of Illinois. He told me it wasn't a "fad" diet and that it would really work.

He explained in detail what the METABOLIQ Max Burn was and helped me understand how to create a "perfect meal." He also told me about the Qivana organization and the integrity of its leaders.

METABOLIQ was not like any other diet I'd ever been on. The first thing I noticed was my appetite came under control. It had been like a monster that had enslaved me. But now the monster had vanished, and I was set free, free to focus on other things in life besides food. I began to eat like a normal person!

I planned and looked forward to my meals and the delicious tasting shakes. I never felt famished and was always in control. I didn't expect a quick weight loss, but I watched as the weight began coming off consistently and steadily.

More than the weight loss though, I found my mood had improved. I was happy again. I wasn't just happy to have lost the weight, but genuinely happy because I felt so good. Instead of going home to collapse on the sofa, I ran the vacuum cleaner, dusted and rearranged the furniture. I began going for walks and noticed my hip becoming less and less painful.

That was in April, and it just keeps getting better and better. As of today, I've lost a total of 50 pounds (five dress sizes) and my BMI is 29.1. I'm really excited about this because for the first time in thirteen years I'm not categorized as obese!

My energy level remains high. I feel healthy and strong and don't feel that I'm "dieting" at all. The way I eat each day with a METABOLIQ shake and two perfect meals, along with the Boost, Resist and the METABOLIQ stick, is the way I've become accustomed to eating, and I enjoy eating this way.

There is no doubt in my mind that I'll continue to lose weight steadily until my body reaches its normal weight and then I'll continue on the METABOLIQ Lifestyle for the rest of my life. There isn't any way I would go back to my old ways of eating and live in the body I once had.

People often compliment me on my new appearance and tell me I look like I've taken ten years off my age. I certainly feel much younger, and I'm glad I'm not a caterpillar anymore!

I'd like to thank Dr. Layman and Qivana for developing and offering this program and especially my IBO mentor, Steph Carse, who introduced me to Qivana and provided encouragement and support all along the way.

Sandra Brown

I have really been enjoying my QORE Essentials. Not only does this product have a pleasant flavor, but have felt a great difference in my daily life during the last 25 days of using QORE Essentials. I no longer feel the afternoon slump and can work straight through the day and into the evening whether it is Qivana business, real estate, house or yard work. No more afternoon naps! And it is a calm, consistent energy, not like sugar or caffeine induced energy. It would have been nice to have this product a long time ago. Thanks Qivana!

Erwin Driessen

Erwin lost 39 pounds and four inches off his waist. His body fat went from 18% to 11.5%. He now has a 3 ½ - 4 inch gap in the waist of his jeans and had to put 5 new notches in his belt. "I will be 40 years old a week before the regional event and I want to thank Qivana and Dr. Layman for giving me a great 40th birthday gift...the energy and the body of a 25 year old!"

Rhoda Podlaski

WOW! The system does everything it says it will. My muscle mass went up along with my bone density. My weight, metabolic age & visceral fat all went down. Can you imagine if I did a little more exercise with this? My husband and I joined Qivana on the very first day. I had wonderful results with just the QORE system. I had more energy, less headaches and surprisingly started to lose weight. Now my husband, Dr. John Podlaski, had written a book about natural health and his focus was in nutrition. All along we knew that protein was very important, especially in the morning. I never could lose weight from the protein shakes that he had me on. These weren't junky shakes either, they were by some very well known nutrition companies.

After we learned about the METABOLIQ system at the Jacksonville seminar in January we went home and took a look at the shakes that we had. All of them had no more than 17 grams of protein. I started on the METABOLIQ system in late February and have now lost a total of 20 pounds. My starting weight was 153 and I am now 133.

I love all the products and hope that there are more are to come. I can't wait! Since I now wear a size 4 and previously wore a size 8, I could really use the prize money to buy a new wardrobe!

Jennifer Saad

I am an Independent Business Owner with Qivana. I gave one of my mother's friends a five day sample of the QORE Essentials to try. I asked that she call me back after the five days to tell me how she was feeling. On the sixth day she called and asked if she could come over right away and pick up a month's supply of the QORE System. Since I had ordered extra, I told her yes. She was at my door 10 minutes later. When I asked her what she had experienced she said she just felt so much better. She explained that she had material sitting in a corner for months and this week she had made drapes with it! This is a woman that is in her 70's and she was so excited about the product that she wanted to keep taking it because she felt so much better. It made me feel proud to be a Qivana IBO!

Connie Basso

I just wanted to give a quick experience regarding the QORE Essentials. I have been a napper as long as I can remember because I am up very early in the morning.  I have now found that I require much less sleep...I have only had 2 naps since I have been on Qivana's QORE products and I am staying up much later at night. I feel like I am sleeping much better and more peacefully. I can't wait to get on the Detox next month.  Thank you!

Chuck Jones

Hello, my name is Chuck Jones and I live in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee. Our diets are not the best here, so we are always looking for good supplements. QORE Essentials is awesome! I play a lot of competitive golf and just recently returned from a 5-day trip of 162 holes of golf. I never got physically tired, but more importantly I was never mentally fatigued and that is huge in this sport. I never felt a huge energy boost, but I realized after 72 holes of golf that I was not fatigued in the least! While the other guys were dragging, I felt fresh and I can only attribute this to the Essentials. I am excited about Qivana’s future products! Keep up the great work!

Dr. Harmony
Interestingly enough, I have noticed an improvement in my vitality and energy levels, but more importantly to me, my ‘spirit.'  When I use Qivana's QORE products regularly, I am more cheery, flowery and giggly.

On occassion, I have stopped taking them for a few days, just to see what would happen, and I am back to my ‘Eyore’ self again.

Good job!

Theresa Mayet

I have had very bad gastrointestinal problems / IBS for almost 6 years. I visited several doctors who ran tests, but I never received an answer or solution and was starting to worry.

I had heard about probiotics before, but never had the chance to try them. After taking Qivana's Probiotics for just 3 weeks I noticed my problems were starting to get a lot better. I was able to eat food without being in pain for hours (sometimes even days)!
The Essentials help me from wanting to nap throughout the day and at night I am able to get much better sleep.

Thank you for all you are doing!